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  • Brent Bonine

5 Things your Prospects aren't telling you

As a salesperson, it's important to understand your prospect's needs and challenges. But sometimes, they may not be upfront with you. Here are the top 5 things your prospects aren't telling you and how to overcome them.

1. "I don’t care enough to do what you are asking”

2. “I don’t trust you enough to hear you out”

3. “I don’t believe it’s worth what it will cost in time, money or risk”

4. “I don’t believe I’m the kind of person that can do this”

5. “I’m afraid of the changes it will cause.”

These "unspoken" thoughts are often caused by salespeole rushing to present their solution before understanding the prospect's concerns. The failure to ask questions, listen, and validate concerns leads to a lack of trust...... and their business.

Final Thoughts - By understanding what your prospects aren't telling you, you can tailor your sales presentation to better meet their needs. Take the time to listen, build trust, and demonstrate value, and you'll find more success in your sales efforts

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