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Your Sales Playbook is customized for your business. The playbook is made up of the following elements,

each of which is tailored to your business.  


Your Sales Playbook includes:


Revenue Road Map 

A quota or sales target is a goal, not a plan.  In order for reps to achieve their goals, they need a clearly defined Revenue Road Map.  A Revenue Road Map includes; defined target markets and prospects, specific sales goals by product and/or service offering, revenue goals for new and existing customers, and a defined sales process with success metrics. 

Defined Sales Process Model 

Identifying and defining each step of your customer's journey from Prospect to Customer is critical to achieving your goals.  Your Sales Process model includes defined sales stages with key sales activities outlined for each stage, assets to support sales efforts, and a CRM to track and manage sales opportunities.


Prospect Engagement Model 

Finding qualified prospects is critical to sales success and nothing can be left to chance.  Sales reps must be equipped and trained to effectively articulate the company’s solution to prospective customers.  A Prospect Engagement Model is comprised of multiple communication platforms (phone, email, text, LinkedIn, etc.) used in a cohesive campaign to clearly communicate your value proposition throughout the sales process


Sale Enablement and Tracking 

Implement a CRM system that is aligned to the sales process model.  Tracking and measuring activities and opportunities provides insights to future sales success allowing business owners to make proactive, informed business decisions.

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