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It's time to RAMP UP your sales. 

AcSELLerate is committed to helping small to mid-size companies build winning sales teams.


Our process is proven and is tailored specifically to your business.

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Growing your business is challenging.


The competitive landscape is crowded and competition is fierce.  

It’s not enough to have a good product or service, you have to stand out above the crowd.

Companies that depend on salespeople to promote their products in the marketplace are vulnerable.  The investment in hiring salespeople can be expensive – especially if they don’t get results.  

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Momentum, Predictable and Scalable Revenue Growth.

This is what I bring to the companies I work with.

Many companies fail to adequately define their target markets or sales process model. Reps are not given clear direction or held accountable resulting in missed revenue targets. Building sales organizations that win as a result of a clearly defined sales model aligned to meet company objectives.

My entire career has been in the field of sales and sales leadership. I have had the opportunity to lead a number of small and mid-size organizations in a broad and diverse number of industries.  

This breadth of experience has taught me that the factors determining sales success are similar across industries.  The sales approach may differ, but the foundation is the same.  

Successful sales organizations are those that have a clearly defined sales model and have implemented systems to ensure that their sales teams execute that system.  At AcSELLerate, we help small to mid-size companies build the foundation to exceed expectations.




We contacted Brent to help us develop a sales model to expand our product offering to new markets.  Brent helped us identify and prioritize the best target markets for our products.


 We developed a sales process model that outlined each step from how to identify target prospects, identify fit, and present our solution.  We now have a focus and a plan to meet our revenue goals.

JOHN SOLONYNKO, COO at VFS Fire & Security

We engaged Brent to help us launch a new product in the marketplace.  Through our work together, we developed a comprehensive Sales Playbook for this new product.  We also implemented a CRM system as part of this project.  We then asked Brent to provide on-going Coaching and Training to our sales team.  Brent implemented the comprehensive sales model for each sales rep and set specific revenue goals for each of our product lines as well as goals for sales to both new and existing customers.  The Coaching program includes a weekly sales meeting with a training topic that is specific to our sales process and weekly 121 meetings with each team member to provide accountability and focus towards meeting their goals.

An engaging and strategic thinker, Brent adds huge value through creation of dynamic and effective sales processes. He isn’t afraid to dig in and ask the tough questions that get results. Brent understands keenly the impact process change has on an organization and works effectively with teams to achieve the best results from the given plan.


Brent is personable, and a true sales professional dedicated to driving measurable results and recommend him freely for any company looking for top sales leadership coaching. I recommend Brent without hesitation.

SCOTT H, at 

California Sheet Metal

We engaged Brent to help us bring focus to our sales efforts at CA Sheet Metal.  Through our work together we developed a sales model that identified our best targets for growth by  both market and product type.


 We established revenue goals for both  along with target revenue goals for new and existing customers.  This was supported with the implementation of a new CRM system, a first for our company.


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